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  Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 12, 2015 10:37am-11:07am PDT

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consideration the inconsistent testimony of what he said to his brother-in-law. >> we're going to put this on pause one second as we go back to boone, iowa, where donald trump has taken the stage. >> what do we like? should we give out a couple today? that's good. that's good. beautiful. you like that? beautiful. don't sell it tonight. we'll see it on ebay. i love it, thank you. let's do that. we're here. who is young, handsome and beautiful and then we'll take a little older. come on up. come on, darling. come here. what's your name? haley. here you go, sweetheart. okay. so "the new york times" is doing a story tomorrow on the hat saying it's the hottest thing in fashion, if you can believe this, and the style section of "the new york times" on the hat. so, anyway, you know what we'll
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do -- who wants it back here? who wants it? good. who wants it? come on. give me one. good. good! okay, folks. so what a nice train. beautiful. he's waving to me. beautiful. that's called the usa right there, right? beautiful. man, i love that stuff. i love that picture. so we just came out with another poll, a poll in iowa. we're way ahead and that's great. hi. and that's great. i've been here so many times. i'm going to the football game. do you believe it? right after this. in fact, they said, oh, this is only ten minutes. just say hello, mr. trump, for ten minutes.
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what do you mean ten minutes? can't i give them the full version of the trump speech? no, 10-15 minutes. we're just having fun. i'm going actually from here to a couple of tailgating parties and then over to the football game who is going to win the game today? a lot of spirit. it's going to be a great game. which team is favored to win? >> iowa. >> that's what i hear. well, if you don't mind, i'm not going to pick one. does that make sense? everybody fully understands that. so our country is in trouble. the best thing we have is our potential and we're going to make this country so great again, make it strong, make it powerful, build up our tremendous armed forces.
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i tell the story 200,000 humvees. when i hadered that number i said, you know what, can't be possible. they mean 23, they mean two, they mean 15. 2,300 armor plated, the best in the world, the best they've ever made. which, frankly, if we had them for our young men and women they wouldn't have been injured so badly, so horribly. one bullet gets shot up in the air and they're all gone. they go to the enemy. so the enemy has them right now because we have stupid, stupid leadership. we have people -- we have people that don't know what they're doing. we just can't go on like this. i've been talking about $18 trillion in debt. now it's $19 trillion in debt and now that's going to start going up fast.
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obama care starts kicking in in 2016. obama didn't want it to kick in while he's president. it's going to be a catastrophe. we're going to repeal it and replace it with something great, with something really good. we will do that, too. look at what's happening to your premiums. look at what's happening to deductibles. they're going so high that unless you're dead you're not going to be able to use them. and your premiums are through the roof. we have so many other bad things happening that people aren't talking about obama care that much. remember the $5 billion website? i'm not going to forget it. the website that doesn't work and i think we all know so we're going to take care of that, take care of our military.
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by the way, we're going to take care of our vets. we have a lot of vets. they're our greatest people. we are going to take care of our vets like they should be. two weeks ago on wednesday it was reported the longest wait in the history of the veterans administration. people are waiting three, four, five days to see a doctor. and i tell the story, i read it in one of the papers where a man badly injured waited five days and after the final wait the doctor said, i'm sorry, i can't see you now. i'm going on vacation. think of it. if i have to wait more than 12 minutes i'm going crazy. so we're a little spoiled. we're going to take care of our vets, build up our military so big and strong that we won't ever have to use it and that would be great.
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we are going to build the wall and stop illegal immigration. we're going to stop it. i hear these politicians, i just can't stand them anymore. somebody said you're a politician. i said, please, for three months i've been a politician. do you believe it? if you can't make it with a politician you might as well give up. i've spent my whole life. i help them, they'll do whatever. i hope we don't have too many politicians. we'll exclude the people in this audience. but i'm now a politician which is crazy to me. it's crazy. i actually had something -- i had jury duty. they get me for jury duty. and it said occupation and i guess i'm supposed to say politician but i put down real estate. i can't do the politician. but politicians are all talk. they're no action. they go to washington.
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they tell you they're going to do all these things and they never get done. these are my people. these are great. this guy or this woman is going to be fantastic. they go to washington and they change. they see the beautiful ceiling, the vault ed ceiling, and something happens. i say they become impotent. is that a correct word to you? they become impotent. something happens to them. when they're back in iowa and when they're back in new hampshire and south carolina, we're winning in all of these states. we're winning everywhere. we just got a poll georgia, florida. how about in florida, you have a governor in florida and you have a senator who is actually a sitting senator and i'm leading in florida by a lot. i mean, can you believe it? because people -- and i'm leading the pack, i will tell you.
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people are tired of incompetence, of people who don't get it done. and you look at our budget. it's massive. massive. somebody like jeb bush is in favor of common core, meaning your children are educated in washington, d.c. who could want this? when you listen to these people, the common core people, they can't explain it. there's no justification. if i'm in iowa and i have my children in iowa i want local education. local teachers and administrators will do a better job. then you have people -- so i came out, as you know, with my immigration plan and i'll tell you what, it's been really well received. better than i thought. i thought it was stringent, tough. a loft people said could you make it tougher? it's true. it's a firm plan. if you're illegal, you have to
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go back. you've got to go back. now if somebody's great and they've been here a long time, i don't think we can -- and i can't live with doing anything else. we can move it. we can move the process. you have people here who have been here a long time. we have to build a wall and get rid of the bad ones. a lot of the gangs that you've been reading about in these different places including chicago and a lot of the places not to mention names but a lot of the places they're illegals and they're tough dudes. they're out of here. they're gone the first day. they're gone. they're gone. so we're going to take back our economy. right now if you look at what's
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going on, trains like this are going and do you know where they're going? goes to china. they don't pay us. you know the whole thing about the tax. a friend of mine who is a great manufacturer, he sends stuff to china. he has to pay a fortune in tax when they take his product. they don't even take -- they don't want it and yet they we take everything. i like free trade but when you have free trade you have to have smart people, smart negotiators. we don't have those people. and, believe me, if i'm elected, i know the smartest. i know the toughest. i know the meanest. some are just horrible human beings. they are. they're horrible. this man here who is a great vet, you wouldn't want anything -- but you know what? i want them represented. do you agree or would you like a
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nice person like carolyn kennedy, right? she's helping us in japan. she knows nothing. she admits she knows nothing but we are going to have the toughest, the smartest, people so good. we're going to have the greatest negotiators. i know the good ones, the bad ones, the overrated ones. i know the ones that will really do a good job and keep friendly which i want. we'll have better relationships with china, japan, mexico. we'll have better relationships than now. they all rip us off. so last year i was just curious, how much money do we lose with china? what's our deficit? over $400 billion. think of that. $400 billion. i said what do we lose, just out of curiosity what do we lose with japan? i was surprised not that bad, about $60 billion.
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not bad. we only lost $60 billion. iowa would like $60 billion. there would be no taxes. we'll lower taxes especially for the middle class and make sure that my friends in the hedge fund business are going to start paying taxes. they're going to start paying taxes. i don't care. you know? i'm self-funding my campaign. i don't need their money. i don't want their money. i feel sort of foolish because guys are coming up to me, i want to put millions of dollars, one guy $5 million, and i'm turning him down. i say i don't want it. i feel like, honestly, can i use a bad term? i feel like a schmuck turning
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down millions of dollars. bush raised $125 million, milli $135 million. he gets it from china. he gets it from the wall street guys. he gets it from all of these companies. and once you get -- oh, i love that sound. no, i love it. it's progress. but you know what, when i'm president that train's going to be moving a hell of a lot faster. it's going too slow. no, it's true. well, no that's cause your engineer actually stopped because he wants to listen to the speech. can you believe that? no, that sucker's going to be moving. it's going to be loaded up. i don't know where the hell it's going but it's going to be going fast. so the hedge fund guys have to pay. now, they're supporting hillary, who may not get to the starting gate, folks, right? i don't know. she may want get -- i don't know. who cares? it doesn't matter. i'm not worried about her. i'm worried about the first guys. perry, isn't he a nice man? mr. perry, governor perry, he's
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gone. good luck. he was very nasty to me, but you know yesterday i put out a tweet. i said he's a wonderful man and i wish him well. people couldn't believe. but you know, when you win, everybody's wonderful. and i think he's actually a nice guy. but he dropped out. so we have a total of 16 people. so when i'm getting nationwide one poll came out 40, but when i'm getting 32 -- and it's sort of funny. i have a poll at 40, i have a poll at 32. and then i have these other polls and they're all like that. winning in iowa, winning in new hampshire, winning every place, by a lot. and then i hear here's the headline. carly is surging. she's got 3%. i hear ben who's a nice guy, ben carson, very nice man, a surgeon, but he's way behind me. i'm saying well what about me, i'm leading? they don't mention that. the headliners carson surging.
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i keep saying what about trump? oh, well, you're leading, but you know. by the way i'm surging much more than him. i'm surging more than anybody. because look, i mean, in all fairness to ben, ben hit me on my faith. you don't hit a person on faith. i don't know him. he knows nothing about me. i'm protestant. i'm presbyterian. i believe strongly. believe in the bible strongly. but he hit me in my faith. no, i believe strongly. you don't hit a person on faith. and he was nice enough to apologize. he actually apologized, which is nice. most people won't do that. so i respect that. but it's a tough thing when you get hit on faith. but the one thing we need in this country, we need energy. i see where the evangelicals are supporting trump largely. and i'm leading with evangelicals. and you know part of the reason that they like me, and i think strongly, is they want to see
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our country, they're smart people. they know -- i may not be perfect, and they know that. and maybe ten years ago and four years ago they said, no, no, he's not perfect, he's not perfect. and we can't -- but you know what i'm really good at? i'm really good at making deals and making this country rich and bringing it back. [ applause ] and i saw pastor jeffers, i saw a few of them on television the other night. and they said how do you explain to donald trump -- again, i'm protestant, how do you explain that donald trump is leading substantially -- by substantial numbers with the evangelicals? and they said because they're tired of losing. they're tired of getting these people that don't do anything, that have no energy. and it's true. people don't have energy. i don't think ben has the energy. ben is a nice man, but when
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you're negotiating against china, and you're negotiating against these japanese guys that are going to come at you in waves, and they think we're all a bunch of jerks because our leaders are so stupid and so incompetent and so inept, we need people that are really smart that have tremendous deal making skills and that have great, great energy. [ applause ] we had a case where hillary said -- and jeb said. and they used the same word. and it was the same day a couple of weeks ago. i don't like donald trump's tone. his tone. my tone. we have people, christians, in syria and other places, isis is chopping off their head. they're chopping off their head. they're drowning them. they're killing them. if you're a christian, you have no chance. do you know that if you're a christian from syria, it's almost impossible to come into the united states?
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if you're a muslim from syria it's the easiest thing to do is to come into the united states. it's one of the easiest places to get in. can you believe this? but if you're a christian and they're the ones that need the help, you can't get into the united states. i don't know who's setting those regulations. i have a pretty good idea. i have a pretty good idea. but it's not going to happen anymore. but they were saying at the same time they said his tone, t-o-n-e, tone. and i said, you know, we need that tone today. we need energy. we need strength. and we can't be low key and nice and beautiful. a woman came up to me and she said, mr. trump, i love you. i'm a big supporter. and it doesn't matter. but i don't know if you're nice enough to be president. and i said, actually, you know what i pride -- i have so many friends. i have great relationships. but some people don't think i'm nice. in a cnn poll i won on almost every topic. and they'll tell you back there,
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they're shooting here, they're all here live, they're all over the place. but they'll tell you, otherwise i couldn't say it, i won huge by huge by three or four times leadership, the economy. almost all -- the only thing i sort of was down about in terms of is he a nice person. actually, i think some day i'm going to win on that because i am a nice person. but you know what i told the woman? i don't think it matters this time. i think today we're looking for real super confidence. we're tired with this nice stuff. we need people that are really, really smart and competent and can get things done. we need people -- we need people with an aggressive tone. and we need people with tremendous energy. and i'm your candidate, okay? so just to finish up, this is a fantastic crowd. and i really appreciate it.
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they said ten minutes and i wanted to go much longer because you had so many people standing out here and it's hot and all of that, but i have to tell you, i love iowa. i really appreciate that you understand what's going on, the people of iowa really do get it. they really do get it. i mean, look, you're hard working people that really don't want anything. you just want to see this country be great again. and that's what i'm going to do. i'm going to make this country great again. iem going to make this country greater than it has ever been before. better. enjoy. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you everybody. enjoy the game today, okay? enjoy the game. thank you. [ applause ] >> donald trump leaving a stage there in boone, iowa. the game he is referencing is the iowa-iowa state game, the big rivalry there that he says he's heading over to take in a
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couple of tailgate parties. imagine that if you're there at the iowa-iowa state game, throw some pork chops on the grill and up shows donald trump to talk a little bit. his speech lasted about 20 minutes or so. talked about his hats he says are becoming very popular. also promised to repeal obamacare and also said he promised to detail fox tax plan in the next three or four years -- three or four weeks. >> in three to four weeks he talked about how he's going to be building the wall that we've been talking about and how he's going to be helping out our vets. and also helping the middle class on their taxes. we'll find out more. >> lots of promises. now taking some pictures there in boone, iowa. it's interesting as you listen to donald trump he seems to be a lot more comfortable on the stump. he's starting to sound like a politician as he makes local jokes. said he wasn't going to support either iowa or iowa state, a shall we say diplomatic move in the state of iowa especially today for that rivalry. >> yeah, that's definitely the first impression i got from him was, you know, he wasn't reading
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from a teleprompter. he was talking to this crowd of a couple hundred people. he said he wasn't a politician, but man, he sure sounded like one. >> he sounded like one in many, many ways and didn't sound like one at all in some other ways. and obviously folks in iowa certainly seem to be liking what he's doing leading the polls there by a couple of touchdowns to use the football analysis. >> absolutely. and welcome back to "america ease news headquarters" from washington, i'm elizabeth prann here with leland vittert for our second hour of "america's news headquarte headquarters". once dismissed as a candidate bernie sanders proving yet again he's a contender. the vermont senator building a lead over clinton in new hampshire and closing the gap in iowa. today sanders begins a campaign swing through the south as hi underdog campaign gives hillary clinton an unexpected run for
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her money. molly hinenberg joins us live with that story. hi, molly. >> hi, liz. bernie sanders has two events in south carolina later today. as his campaign says it is, quote, delighted by the latest poll out of iowa showing the independent socialist senator catching up with hillary clinton for the first time. a quinnipiac poll shows sanders with 41% of the vote. clinton was 40%. within the margin of error but essentially a dead heat. to indicate how far standards have come or how far clinton has farther, earlier this year clinton with 52% of the vote and sanders with 33%. this iowa poll follows days after a different poll in new hampshire has sanders up by nine points over clinton, 41-32 suggesting that right now sanders has momentum in the first two states to vote in the primary season next year. here's how sanders describes his assent in the democratic nominating process. >> media ask me, well, why are
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you generating such large turnouts? and why are you generating so much enthusiasm? i think the answer is pretty simple. and that is the american people are sick and tired with establishment politics. [ cheers and applause ] >> clinton who has faced months of questions over the private e-mail server she used while she was secretary of state says she's been focusing on locking up delegates for the democratic nominating convention. and as for the neck and neck iowa poll, her campaign says it has always expected a close race in iowa. and said in a statement, quote, than democratic senator tom harkin has gotten more than 50% in the iowa caucus, which is why we're working hard to earn every vote. in national polls of clinton versus sanders, clinton still wins. but that margin has been shrinking. she was up by ten points in a poll out yesterday.
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elizabeth in leland. >> molly, thank you. never dull. >> that's right. interesting. love it. >> so interesting to see the difference between the national polls and state polls and how they differ. >> and how it's closing in wherever you look. even the national polls clinton's leading but still shrinking her lead. >> molly, thank you so much. we appreciate it. all right. are we moving on -- yes, we are. >> we are moving onto our political panel as we tackle some of the other side of the aisle issues. there are a lot of them. presidential candidate carly fiorina turned the table on donald trump's words saying, quote, ladies, look at this face, last night in phoenix. pretty interesting. >> yeah, that was a direct aim at trump's attack in "rolling stone" magazine earlier this week. trump said, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president. i mean, she's a woman and i'm not supposed to say bad things, but really, come on folks, are we serious? how could this change the gop field? here for a fair and balanced
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debate emily and marcy. >> great to be here. >> angela, i want to start with you. i want to talk about not only the timing of this unprovoked hit at carly fiorina, but how she's handling it. >> i think she's handling it with fwras. and i really believe that trump went after her as a woman. you know how we are, we care about how we look, we're very self-conscious. she's going to get him in the next debate. but donald trump, it's not going to work. i want this debate to be about issues. i don't think donald trump talking about carly fiorina's face and then backtracking and changing it is going to make a difference. i think people are going to care about policy, not how people look. >> all right, marcy, do you think that? do you think his words were, you know, unprovoked words the timing of them? what do you think of them? >> i completely agree. these debates and entire republican primary should be about issues, but instead we're
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seeing every day new outrageous and offensive things coming out of donald trump's mouth. and we've seen several republican candidates try to tear him down, try to come back after him. you know, i think it's unfortunate. i kind of feel bad. it's not often that i feel bad for republicans and republican operatives. >> wow. >> i do kind of feel bad for everyone. this really should be about issues. and it should not be about a politician's looks. >> a compassionate liberal. >> i know. i know. but i will say when we do talk about issues we know that donald trump exists because there's a space for his outrageous and bombastic policy positions. and if we do want to actually talk about those, every single republican is the same including carly fiorina. >> when you look at what's going on though in the polls and it's interesting how people are reacting to donald trump and a lot of folks will tell you right now it's not so important where you are in the polls right now as where it is you're important where your favorables and unfavorables are. and as we look at that right now
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donald trump has the largest spread between favorable and unfavorable. 60% have a favorable rating, 35% have an unfavorable rating. pretty much everybody has an opinion. then you look at somebody like ben carson who's number two in iowa, 79% favorable. so the question, angela, is does that matter more right now how likable someone is? or for that matter how unlikable they are? or is the poll standings more important? >> likability, there are three things that are very important in a campaign. number one, name id. trump has it. number two, money. trump has it. and likability. but i do not believe he's going to be our nominee. i think he's going to have a howard dean moment that's just going to tear him down. right now he's rising up because it's the anti-politician political season. but i don't think that's going to last. >> speaking of that we want to take a live look back in boone, iowa right now. donald trump is there giving a press see if he talks about policy questions marcy
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mentioned. >> i have nothing against him. actually, i supported him with his medical. maybe that's what he should focus on is medical. [ inaudible question ] >> with who? very ineffective guy. rand is weak on immigration. he's weak on the military. he's got no chance. he's down so low with his polls. he's got no chance. but, you know, he was very nice to me and all of a sudden a week and a half, two weeks ago started attacking me just like perry did. just like senator lindsey graham did who's down to almost zero. they all attacked me. so far all that attacked me including jeb bush, when he started was at 18, now he's at 7 or 8. i don't know if that's because of me but it certainly seems to be unlucky to attack. [ inaudible question ] look, they've raised a lot of money. the money has been given by hedge fund people, by special interests, all these people. they don't want to see trump
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because they don't care about the country. they care about themselves. i care about the country. i don't have any of their money. by the way, i could have so much -- i could have hundreds of millions of dollars of special interest and lobbyist money within two weeks if i wanted it. i don't want it. [ inaudible question ] >> iowa-quinnipiac poll showing you and carson running -- >> pretty much says they're looking for an outsider. it does say that. there's no question about